How can you create your own family history book

Going through the collections of photographs, census report copies, family group sheets and more is a great time pass for those who are involved in genealogy. These are the building blocks for the family history book that you might want to create as the depth of your information becomes larger and richer.

When you plan to create a family history book you should ensure that you make it in such a manner that it can be copied and rebound so that you can share it with other people that might be interested. Do not try and create a family history book in one day or a week too. This is something that will take time and you should be prepared to spend some amount with this project of yours every day or at least set aside a few hours every week.

The standard size that most people use for a family history book is 8.5 inches by 11 inches. There are smaller sizes that can also be created but these may then take time to replicate and may need to be cut too. It is not necessary to put headers on each and every page but these do help in understanding the manner in which the data has been organized.

Decide on a specific format in which you will put the information in each page. You may choose to have a placeholder for a photograph, a box for all the dates and places of important events and then some rows of lines to write what you knew about the person too. This could be a description of the story that the dates tell or something else you knew about the person with regards to hobbies, interests, achievements and more.



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